Trade Show Strategy

Doing the right thing

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3-elements looks back on over 20 years of experience with top-trained experts from the exhibition industry.

In economically difficult times an efficient trade show strategy and an exceptional booth design ensures the success of your trade show participation. The trade show business was pronounced dead for 20 years, but, on the contrary it has not lost any of its appeal. Nowadays communication is dominated by electronic media. Trade Shows give you the advantage of intensive interaction with your customers. Use trade shows as your perfect tool to present your products and brands to an highly involved target group of prospective customers. The direct and immediate feedback from customers is definitely not achievable with any other media.

3-element understands exhibition strategies, but also has its own years experience as an exporter and trader in industrial and consumer markets. Our Trade Show Services offer a complete service for managing your trade show activities.

  • We evaluate the fairs that match best with your products.
  • We design the best stand designs, which can be used not only at fairs, but also in other business units of your company.
  • We take care of show registrations, order all infrastructure and prepare the logistics for your promotional items and products.

The 3-elements Trade Show Service is a unique full service offering the highest level of competence and understanding of design. Is your company active in the telecommunications and electronics, cosmetics and photo trading? We specialize in these areas and we have managed many such projects with high competence.

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Design Management

Design needs leadership

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Trade shows give us the most vivid way to unite the elements of Communication, Distribution, Product and Price in one great, perfect stage.

The art of design management is concerned with

  • the coordination of all the individual design components, and
  • the integration of all design elements of the various business units under the corporate design preferences

A design leader, as an external expert, analyzes existing designs and shapes them into a unique and holistic corporate identity.

What can a design leader do for your company?

  • Integration of campaigns into the trade show concept, or
  • vice versa, to transfer architectural design elements into the interior design of business units, outlets or POS.

Save costs and ask the expert who will view your company's design from an outside high level perspective.

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Pitch & Call for Tender

Who has the choice can save causing himself pain

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The consulting unit of 3-element offers you independent expert advise regarding tenders for your trade show booth. Our pitch consultants design an independent tender for your pitch tailored to your needs. We can also advise in the selection of suitable candidates at home and abroad. Our industry knowledge is your gain in choosing your new trade partners.

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Cost Controlling

At the end success counts

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Efficiency and best use of all means is particularly in the tensed economic situation, more than absolutely necessary. You want to reduce your business costs or use existing resources more effectively, then you are exactly right with us. Our specialists evaluate the current situation and objectives. A new orientation and adaptation to changing circumstances can be carried out as part of a cost control.

The fresh look of an external consultant on your show concept not only saves money and pays off mostly of themselves, but often opens your eyes to new ideas and opportunities and will result in even greater success in your trade show appearances. Take the first step and allow yourself the pleasure of an external consultant.

As a special service we offer to evaluate your existing exhibition material and a possible recovery. A sale of the old material can acquire additional capital for new investments.

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