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Mobile 3G goes 3D

  • Project date Season 2010-2011
  • Client Hutchison 3G Austria
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Hutchison 3G

A major strength of 3-elements are the innovative concepts for the presentation of mobile communications. Many years of experience in the telecommunications industry give us the necessary know-how. Hutchison 3G Austria trusts 3-elements for years on the design and realization of their exhibition participation. We carried out various projects for Hutchison 3G Austria, including large-scale projects with more than 300 square meters, that won the Austrian Marketing Award, to fine productions at events.

Your Success Is Our Business

Brightpoint Austria Gmbh

Brightpoint is one of the worlds leading distributors of mobile devices and smartphones.

Brightpoint is increasing its leading position in Austria with the support of 3-elements at the Austrian Trade Shows where it has won a lot of new customers.

We Love censhare

Censhare AG

The power of censhare derives from the people who believe in censhare because they are driven by a similar vision. The variety of market participants enriches censhare with its many contrasts and features. Amongst the variety is the desire for cooperation and autonomy. 3-elements moves in the middle of this field and was the spirit of censhare at IFRA in Vienna and the stand concept carried this spirit beyond all boundaries. Successful deals with international majors who appreciate our work.

Powering Business Worldwide

  • Project date Season 2011
  • Client Eaton Gmbh
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Eaton Gmbh

Eaton is Austria's leading supplier of electrical materials and they switched to 3-elements in the fall of 2011. The acquisition of the former Eaton's Moeller Group was presented at the SMART Automation Fair in Linz for the first time. The simple white concept with large format prints and the change from green to blue as the new CI-color was successfully staged.

Mobiles and Video

Hutchison 3G

Hyundai Mobile Europe began its brand launch with an appearance at MWC 09 in Barcelona. The successful trade fair concept inspired not only the visitors but also received an advertising award, the "Werbehahn" of the Niederösterreichische Werbeinnung.

The Formwork Experts

  • Project date Season 2011
  • Client Doka Gmbh
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Doka Gmbh

3-elements, together with Artex, was the lead agency in charge of the realisation and logistics of Doka¬īs exhibition stands at the major European Building Exhibitions. The central element of the stand is a folding module with a rear wall and a concrete-look top.